Foundation for the support of opera singing in Costa Rica

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The foundation Jóvenes Cantantes M.P.

It is the aim and purpose of the foundation Jóvenes Cantantes M.P. to provide young opera singers, who have the desire and the talent to carry out their profession on a high artistic and international level, with economic, logistic and artistic support.

The basic training for opera singers in Costa Rica is sound and good.
Still, afterwards many talents have to fend for themselves – and quite a few fail due to the traps of the professional progress.

To change this circumstance, Mario Marin established the foundation Jóvenes Cantantes M.P. in spring of the year 2005.

The support of two experienced international artists could be won for the management of the foundation: the soprano Iride Martínez and the conductor and pianist Siegmund Weinmeister.

The foundation accompanies highly talented opera singers from Costa Rica during their first steps in Europe.

The service of the foundation and how you can apply for our program

How do we choose the candidates?

At least once a year, auditions will take place where we chose the candidates who deserve to be sponsored. Either they are still absolving a vocal training or they already have completed their degree. And they have applied for an audition at the secretariat of the foundation.

What is in store for the scholarship holders?
The patronage lasts two years. During this period the scholarship holders are provided with possibilities of intensive, further education, partly in groups, partly in private coaching, in workshops, master classes or seminars.

If they should be qualified, the sponsorship holders are going to travel to Europe for auditions at performing arts agencies, opera theatres, etc. at the expense of the foundation.

Details on the development program

What does the foundation expect from the scholarship holders?
In order to safeguard the future work of the foundation, we urge all scholarship holders, should their career be successful, to return the support for the audition trip to the foundation within an economically reasonable scope. This happens on a voluntary basis.

Send an e-mail, a fax or a letter to the secretariat of Kathleen Maertens.
Describe your educational background, your experience and your aim.
The foundation will contact you on receipt of your application.

Mario Marin


Iride Martínez

Vice president
Siegmund Weinmeister

Kathleen Maertens